no credentials

‘No Credentials’ is a short film about the phenomenal intersection of photography and electronic music. The 10 minute documentary follows the origins of social nightlife snaps and it’s sinister evolution of photographers engrossed in the current world of EDM.

From the days of Rukes and The Cobra Snake came hordes of photographers leveraging their entrusted positions to become part of the party, with capturing real electric moments becoming a secondary.

The crew take things a step further by recreating production passes to Ultra, one of the notoriously harder events to gain access to, to go behind he scenes and see how far they can get with their gear with sneaky features of Skrillex, Boys Noize, Alvin, Steve Aoki and more.

Although the film itself feels more like a teaser, it’s still an interesting concept and aids a better understanding of what the top photographers are doing and how they feel about the hacks coming through.

Gone are the days of unprocessed clubbing and festival experiences with everything being captured or intentionally presented for attention, paving the way for a generation of posers set on creating a faux experience.

June last year we had a guest editorial ‘Photographers Do Not Belong In Clubs’ that shared the ethos that taking snaps should be left to the professionals and not just joe-anybody that is more committed to pulling girls than pushing producers.

If there’s one thing to watch today, it’d be No Credentials #nocredentials #EDMphotographers

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