Calvin Harris: held!

Calvin Harris, wie kent hem niet. De beste man weet een aardig plaatje te produceren en om hem te boeken als DJ mag je flink in de buidel tasten. In de laatst genoemde rol maakt hij een geniale move tijdens een optreden in Miami.

Calvin: I wanna hear what she has to say. Where is she?
Dumb Bitch: Play something original!
Calvin: That was originally created by me, that’s my song.
“WHO’S SHOW DID YOU COME TO?…It’s a FUCKING SHIT SHOW..Why do you come to a fucking Calvin Harris show where Calvin Harris is DJing and don’t want to hear a fucking Calvin Harris record you DUMB FUCKING BITCH… I’m going to play this record all night just for you…. Its going to play again and again until you tell me fuck off and never come back… What’s wrong with you? This girl needs to be removed from the club…….”

Ondanks dit.. prachtig! essential dutch edm platform