It’s friday night, 20:00 hrs, i’m walking to the broadcasting computer in the studio where i’ll click the ‘connect’ button. From now it’s on, i’ve done so much to prepare my yearly party. From now on it’s all or nothing, it’s time for DOTF radio!

A failed concept will never last for 10 years. And if you do stop, will that concept be as energetic as before when you organize a reunion party every year? The answer is a big fat underlined YES!

DJ’s Panic and Stanton are starting on the right foot while my home is being filled with guests. It’s a bit awkward at first, since the original DOTF studio doesn’t exist anymore. Nowadays the DJ’s are spinning their records at a lower level in my house, but today’s technological opportunities are making up for that little difference. The more guests arrive, the happier they get and that created an awesome vibe. I see an IT-manager talking to a paviour, a psychologist to a cook, a graphic designer to a car salesman, and it’s all good. This is the DOTF vibe, this is respect to one another and this vibe makes this night worth it.

The drinks are flowing and i keep wondering why everybody can still talk normally, while in my case the liqour starts talking. Ah well, it’s my birthday so it’ll be allright. DJ’s Maynor and Stylo are taking over and again i’m getting loose. Meanwhile Erin has also found my house which is really cool because we’ve never met in person even though we have an amazing musical connection. Erin seems to be having no problem at all fitting in so i’m running upstairs where my personal hero DJ Li-z is about to start her oldschool set. The fact that the police hasn’t showed up yet can be considered a small miracle since my mixer and sound system can’t go any louder than this.

Li-z is rocking hard, but when her set comes to an end DJ’s Vince, Darkraver and X-Razz are taking over. Li-z already warned the whole internet about all the small talk and total bullshit between the DJ sets, and of course this time is no other than every DOTF show in history. After that the one great track after the other comes by at the DOTF radio stream, and why not….i decide to battle Steve in a dance off. I was already wasted and Steve won, although i got a feeling the jury had been bribed.

My buddy DJ Vince is taking over the hosting of the show and at that moment i realised i still had to spin some records myself, together with DJ Ricky Da Dragon. Ouch. But fuck it, let’s go! Fortunately Ricky is still sober and sometimes i found it hard to keep up with him, but when he said “come on Mar, let’s spin some hiphouse records!” i started to shine.

Eventually my brother from another mother, DJ Alt10, is taking over. And sweet Jezus he’s going hard! Note; at that moment Erin (Hey Mr. ID&T?) already went to bed…
Oh well, we’ll deal with that later on. As Maurits (DJ Alt10) spins his last record we found a technological trick to push some extra dB’s out of the PA system. This should wake Erin up we thought, were it not for DJ’s Stylo, Maynor and me pumping some early hardcore through the speakers. Too bad, he didn’t woke up…

Early in the morning we’re playing the last records of the DOTF radio reunion. We ran out of booze, even the bottles hidden in all kinds of secret places are gone. Around 5.30 in the morning we’re done. It’s over.

DOTF 2014

I can’t sleep, my body is filled with happiness. You can call yourself a happy person when you got so many special people together in your house. The next morning i’m making breakfast for the night guests. Although we are all hung over, we grab the opportunity to play a game of Pictionary. After that everybody took off, in many cases with crates filled with vinyl.

I’m greatful and want to thank every person who took part in my birthday.


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